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  • PIM DEAsoft V3 is one of the most robust, innovative and comprehensive software for efficiency and productivity analyses in the market today.

  • It lets you visually design complex DEA models in an organised manner. You could design many variants of an assessment model by for example using different combinations of input -output variables, time periods, orientation, returns to scale assumptions or subsets of units to be assessed. All these can be done in a very user friendly environment by the click of the mouse.

  • It lets you define subsets of operating units (DMUs) using categorical or other classification means and automatically find the efficiency for each DMU within each subset.

  • It allows you to manipulate data (e.g. add two columns ) at run time so as to derive alternative configurations of input/output variables from a given data source for 'what if' type analyses.

  • Its graphical facilities include: illustration and real time updating of the Production Possibility Set and its frontier as the model specification is modified, histogram of efficiencies, trend of efficiencies over time, trend of Malmquist indices over time, trend of efficiency change boundary shift and scale efficiency change over time.

  • Its functionality is very intuitive – a video tutorial shows you how to create and run your model in a very short time.

  • It is very fast. – Having specified a batch of DEA models you can run them by one click of the mouse.

  • PIM DEAsoft V3 provides many data utilities, including add/remove variable, DMU, Period and category without leaving the PIM DEAsoft environment. It warns you when unusual data such as zero or negative numbers are input.