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On-site training



With PIM on-site training you get a customised course designed around your organisation's needs. You benefit not only from direct contact with the develops of the software but also from their broader research and application experience in DEA. Training is delivered at your company's site, saving you travel time and cost. For further information please contact http://www.deasoftware.co.uk/pim/support@DEAsoftware.co.uk

Live web training and support

Web training


Live web training courses are hands-on sessions and include course notes and example DEA projects. Live web training is given by PIM developers and can include telephone conferencing. Online help and support is also available which can include telephone conferencing . For further information please contact http://www.deasoftware.co.uk/pim/support@DEAsoftware.co.uk.

Public Seminar & courses


PIM developers are involved with many public seminars in national and international conferences and courses, for example see: